Welcome to Beating Condia…. This is simply a place for me to chronicle my efforts at beating Condia in head to head matchups in daily fantasy sports. The main site I play him on right now is FanDuel.

If you like fantasy sports but haven’t tried daily fantasy yet then FanDuel is a great place to start. Use my links or just enter “bobdawg” in the referral code box when you sign up and you’ll get access to any “special” info I add to the site as we go along.

Hallelujah – Jan. 28, 2014


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I have never been so happy to win a $2 game! It was spooky for a while, I was down by about 50 points before the late games got started but I had Curry, Hill and Stephenson against his David West in the late games and made up that ground pretty quickly.

My best pick of the night was Boris Diaw, he made up for a poor showing by Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and then some.

In the end, I simply had a good night and Condia had a bad one, although, he did make the bottom of the money in the 50/50 we played in together. I hit money in all three of my contests, H2H, 50/50 and 450 out of 10055 in the Shot.

The record: 3-5 vs. Condia. It was a good night, now it’s time to get to work and see if I can get a little closer to getting this thing evened up.

Blew Another One – Jan. 27, 2014


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I’d like to blame my loss last night on Serge Ibaka, but I can’t, he wasn’t even in my lineup until about 15 minutes before the games started.

I changed my lineup at the last minute and took out Goran Dragic and Derrick Williams, I don’t know why but I did it and it cost me big time. If I had left things alone I was looking at a score of 310.2 and money in all my contests.

I knew Ibaka didn’t have a great match up but I still expected at least 30 fantasy points from him, he and Durant have been killing everyone lately.

In the end I just lost another one, it was fairly close but that doesn’t help. I had a really good lineup and second guessed myself, it won’t be the last time. I did manage to barely make the money in my 50/50 though. Small comfort.

The record: 2-5 vs. Condia. This isn’t looking good at all, if things don’t turn around soon I will be looking for a new domain name, condiasbitch.com is sounding pretty good right now!

Double Disaster – Jan. 26, 2014


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I had a terrible Sunday and would just as soon forget it and move on so I will make this quick.

I said I was going to keep playing Flip Pressey and I did. I am done with him now :) He didn’t cost me the early match, I lost that by 50 points, he didn’t help though. Randy Foye also let me down but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Wasting $10,600 on 33.6 points from LeBron was my mistake in the morning games. I figured Condia would fade him and I was right. In my mind, anything less that 250 points in a lineup equals failure and I just blew this one.

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I don’t feel quite as bad about the late game loss, I still lost by 30 points but it wasn’t as bad as it looks. Drummond and Humphries underperformed in the evening games, with decent games from those two I would have had a chance.

One other note… Shawn Marion is dead to me. I only take him now and then but every time I do he stinks up the joint. Condia seems to like him when the match up is right, I am going to try to use that to my advantage in the future by never putting him in a lineup again. Ever.

In the end it was another bad day. I didn’t hit the money in a single contest and wouldn’t expect to with scores like I had yesterday. It’s time to grind hard today and see if I can start working my way out of this hole.

The record: 2-4 vs. Condia. It’s not a terribly encouraging start but things will look different once I smoke his ass tonight!!! Time to grind!!!

Rough Night – Jan. 25, 2014


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Wow, I don’t know where to start, last night sucked hard for me. Almost everything I counted on went wrong.

The two that disappointed me the most were DeMar DeRozan and Reggie Jackson. I had expected both of those guys to finish around 40 at least.

Aside from those two players it wasn’t really that bad of a lineup, it just didn’t perform like it should have. The biggest mistake I made was underestimating the kind of performance Kevin Durant was going to have. He and Serge Ibaka tore it up for the Thunder last night.

In the end it was just a bad night for me with a lineup that didn’t pan out. On the upside, I manged to stay in the money in my 50/50 contest so the night wasn’t a total loss. I get two shots at him tomorrow:)

The Record: Tied up again at 2-2 vs. Condia, it’s like Ali and Frazier slugging it out!

Saturday – Early Thoughts

myavatar2.jpgI just finished the first edit of my FanDuel lineups for tonight’s contest vs. Condia and I think I am pretty close to what my final lineup will be. I am thinking I will probably have at least two and maybe 4 or 5 of the same players as Condia tonight. There are some pretty solid match ups for a few high performance players and a couple of value plays that we might be thinking alike on.

OKC@PHI and ATL@MIL are a couple of my favorite match ups, 5 of my players tonight come from those two games. The rest are scattered throughout the rest of the games where I saw good positional matchups.

I have 4 players right now that are priced under $4500. Those are the guys that seem to make or break me most nights. I am not too confident in any of my value guys individually tonight but as a group I think they will do ok.

As far as my “bigs” go, I am confident that I got the best match ups available and they should all do very well tonight. Overall, I think there’s a good chance that I get up in that 300 point range again tonight. We’ll see.


On a roll…


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I actually built this lineup fairly quick on Friday morning and never changed it, which is very odd for me but it worked. I knew I wanted 4 guys before I even started my lineup. I wanted Love and Curry because they were playing each other and I figured they were good for 50+ each. Olidapo was a must for me with a match up against the Lakers. When I read that Durant might be out I went ahead and grabbed Jeremy Lamb too. He has been really good this year and hits value even with limited minutes and opportunities. With Durant out, he was a no-brainer for me.

My next pick was the one I think was the best. Condia had started Tyson Chandler in our last two matches and I thought me might do it again, I was right. I picked Pekovic becasue he seemed like the surest C to hit value as far as I was concerned. It all worked out in the end and I walked away with an almost 17 point victory.

In the end I gained a little confidence, 13 game nights have not been great for me historically. There are so many choices that I usually second guess myself, change my lineup all day and end up putting up a crappy score. Just like the last contest, I beat Condia, won 50/50 money and placed 877 out of 10055 in the Shot for a $6 win. The only guy that disappointed me was Rodney Stuckey and that’s not a surprise, I never play him but he had a match up with New Orleans and I couldn’t resist.

The Record: 2-1 vs. Condia – I’ll probably jinx it but I think I found my good luck charm. I decided Thursday that as long as there is a guy name Flip starting a game, I am going to play him.


Squeaker! Thu-Fri Jan.23-24


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I had not planned on playing in the Thu-Fri split games, I just don’t like doing that in either basketball or baseball because up lineup uncertainties. BUT Thursday night had LAL@MIA and DEN@POR and I just couldn’t pass that up.

I took 5 players from the Thursday game and everyone except Ty Lawson did about what I expected them to. Chris Bosh was the guy I was hoping would have a big night and with 40+ FP, he paid off.

Friday’s games worked out ok, Korver let me down but Patrick Patterson picked up the slack and hit about 150% of his value. Melo’s monster game almost got me but in the end I squeaked out a victory by .6 points.

In the end this was about as close as a H2H can get. I was tickled to walk away with a win in a contest I didn’t really want to play at first. As a bonus, my 297.2 got me 3rd in my 20 man 50/50 and 76 of 2234 in the $1 Dribbler.

The Record: 1-1 vs. Condia – That’s more like it!


Thanks, Rudy Gay!



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I hope Rudy Gay recovers quickly and fully from his achilles injury but DAMN! I had a shot at winning by a narrow margin if Gay had played the whole game against Houston. The only real disappointments I had last night were Rudy Gay and Kendrick Perkins. I was hoping for a little more from Jimmy Butler too but that didn’t lose it for me.

We both had D.J. Augustin, James Harden and Carmelo Anthony and they all performed pretty well. It was the Rudy Gay injury for me and Condia’s Taj Gibson pick that did me in. Taj performed almost the same as my Blake Griffin pick for $4600 less.

In the end I am more disappointed that I settled for Kendrick Perkins at Center than anything else. I was counting on about 15 points from him and 40+ from Gay. All in all it wasn’t a terrible lineup, without the Rudy Gay injury I had a chance to win that matchup even with Perkins’ performance.

The Record: 0-1 vs. Condia – Not the way I wanted to start this off but that’s ok, I’ll get him next time. I won’t be playing the Thu-Fri split games, I hate those. I’ll see y’all Friday when the next full slate of games comes around :)